To the Guy Who Kept Me Waiting

Wait for me, you said.

Sure, it was painful to see you leave. I couldn’t understand it. But somehow, those late-night talks that I didn’t mind losing sleep over, those warm smiles that kept those butterflies floating around inside me, and those dreams we shared together pushed me forward to hope in spite of the pain.

I always wondered how we had lost the connection we once had. How could it ever end? I was left waiting, stuck by my phone. Wondering why you didn’t always reply to my messages nor respond to my calls. I tried to console myself from your lack of response. I stood strong thinking maybe you just weren’t ready. That maybe you were just too scared of getting hurt. Or maybe you just needed time to sort through your priorities.

I tried hard to understand. I waited because you said so. And for me, that was enough.

Wait for me, you said.

I waited even though I was unsure if I could still call you mine. You kept pushing me away because you said you were confused. But I wasn’t. I was so sure of you that it already scared me.

I know that there are plenty more fish in the sea, but how could I when I already lived with the thought of spending the rest of my life with you.

There were even times I wished I could just move on. But because I loved you and you gave me reasons to stay, I stuck around.

Wait for me, you said.                                                                                  

I waited for you because I wanted to believe that you would come back, even though part of me knew that you wouldn’t.

But while I was proving the world how much you’re worth it, and that it’s worth it, you were proving otherwise.

I waited. I waited until time has passed and weeks became months. Months became years and years became silence.

Wait for me, you said. But how could I still wait for you when you weren’t even there?


3 thoughts on “To the Guy Who Kept Me Waiting


    A drop of sunlight flowed into my body, painting my heart with the colors of the purest love that i’ll ever have.

    For years, it remains untouched and vibrant. but suddenly, a part of it was fading when i heard that the woman that i’m inlove with was waiting for someone.

    You told her to wait for you, so she waited. hoping for you to comeback. If you only know how it feels watching somebody else leave you behind and waiting for them to come back-it would have made a difference, those sleepless nights talking with you that she’ll forever cherish, those sweet words that she’ll always remember, and those sweet memories that she’ll treasure forever. she misses those so much. every single day.

    You told her to wait for you. still, she’s waiting. though unsure and scared of what may come. she’s still waiting because it’s the best thing that she can do because she loves you. she loves you that she tried to understand you’re situation. and remained faithfull, waiting for her prince. because she loves you.

    Now, pay attention, SHE, is not an ordinary girl. she’s uncomparable, if you think that there’s a lot of fish in the sea , think again, because you would’nt find someone like her no matter how vast it is.

    “She’s more than a woman, a living wonder, a masterpiece beyond perfection, a melody that kept playing inside my head. lucky guy, cant you see, she’s willing to share the rest of her life with you. that’s how she loves you. so, Go, do’nt let her go. comeback to her- she is waiting…

    and i’ll be waiting for that. 🙂

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